Andrew Cuomo Has Disappeared From The Public Eye

Andrew Cuomo

In just a year, Andrew Cuomo went from being one of the most powerful persons in the country to a complete nobody.

Karen Hinton, the press secretary for Cuomo from 1995 to 1999 believes that this is because he’s ashamed. Since his fall from grace, the former governor has been quite embarrassed and has no intentions of dealing with questions and the responses he might garner from that.

Hinton, for those who are unaware, had accused him of an unwanted sexual advance back in 2021. Other sources claim that his shame comes from losing his job- which he believes to be quite unfair. He could also be regretting not fighting for the job harder, and this has fueled his reasoning for staying behind the public eye. 

Andrew Cuomo Wants To Stay Hidden

But one source close to Andrew Cuomo and his family stated that the disgraced governor didn’t want to show his face anywhere. The insider also said that this behavior was quite different from the one shown by Chris Cuomo- who has also been disgraced before the media. In fact, the Hamptons have also seen Matt Lauer being out and about, but Andrew has almost disappeared from the public eye. According to the source, Andrew does feel a lot of shame about everything that has happened, and he is simply hiding. 

Andrew Cuomo had submitted his resignation on the 24th of August, 2021, after a sexual harassment report from the Attorney General’s office came about- which could have him facing possible impeachment. But an upstate office of the district attorney dropped any form of a criminal investigation. Insiders also claim that the former governor heavily resents the fact that this happened to him. He also regrets not staying behind and fighting for his job- but it did seem like impeachment was on the cards- if he himself didn’t make the move.