Andrew Giuliani To Appear In The 2022 State Election

Andrew Giuliani
Andrew Giuliani

Andrew Giuliani, the politician belonging to the Republican party, made an announcement with regard to the decision of his political future. He confirmed that he will be running for the office of New York in the elections of 2022. The politician began his gubernatorial campaign by launching attacks against the current State Governor, Andrew Cuomo. He also gave a detailed explanation as to why he was refraining from getting vaccinated against the coronavirus. The campaign took place this Tuesday. 

Andrew Giuliani Vs Andrew Cuomo

The son of Rudy Giuliani, the former mayor of the city of New York, criticized Andrew Cuomo for not tackling the coronavirus pandemic in an effective manner. Andrew Giuliani further added that he would not consider getting vaccinated until there were no antibodies in his body anymore at a conference held in Lower Manhattan. He had been infected in the year 2020. As per the guidance shared by the disease prevention organization of the United States of America, people are urged to get vaccinated irrespective of their infection history.

They had stated that there is a chance of getting re-infected. However, Republican Andrew Giuliani claimed that he was regularly getting tested for antibodies. The 35-year-old first-time candidate for the New York Governor used to serve in the White House during the administration of Donald Trump, the former President. Before that, he was one of the professional golfers. Prior to coming face to face with the current Democratic state Governor, Andrew Giuliani is yet to win a primary from his own party which is already full with two, more-experienced candidates than him. They also have deeper connections with the current GOP of the state. And Andrew Cuomo has not cleared out if he will be running for the elections or not.

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