Mark McCloskey, The Missouri Resident, To Run For The Senate

Mark McCloskey
Mark McCloskey

Mark McCloskey, the homeowner of St. Louis, made an announcement of his running for a seat in the US Senate from Missouri. He has associated himself with the Republican party. The announcement came in this Tuesday. The newfound Missouri politician gained fame after a video that went viral in the summer of the year 2020. The video shows him with a gun as he points it towards the demonstrators. He is accompanied by his wife, Patricia, in doing so. They were seen pointing guns at the demonstrators who were in the area of the “private street” that led to the home of the mayor of St. Louis.

“Republican” Mark McCloskey 

The new addition to the Republican party spoke on one of the platforms of a popular news channel. There, he stated that he was always someone who had a sense of belonging when it came to the Republican party. However, he just never was a politician. Mark McCloskey gave all of the credit to God. He referred to the mob to come to his door as a God and added that it was Him who gave him a nudge to become a politician. 

Republican Mark McCloskey is currently running to secure himself a seat in the US Senate. As for now, the seat is taken by Roy Blunt who is also from the Republican party. Blunt made the announcement in the month of March that he had no such plans of going for another election. One of the campaign website donations was launched this Tuesday in order to support a Senate bid for the new member of the Republican party. Both Mark McCloskey and his wife Patricia have been in the spotlight since the incident last summer.

In the month of August, both the husband and wife came forth to speak at the national convention of the Republican party. There they falsely held the Democrats to be responsible for making an effort to ransack the suburbs. After that, they have been in touch with former President Trump who contacted them.