Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear said of the bank shooter in Louisville, “This individual murdered my friend.”

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Andy Beshear

Andy Beshear, the governor of Kentucky, said on Wednesday that he could not imagine how the guy’s family who murdered five people on Monday, including one of his close friends must be suffering. Andy Beshear made his first appearance after this mass shooting to sit for an extremely emotional interview after the call of the mother of the gunman to 911 had been released. The governor opened up about wondering how the gunman’s parents felt at the time even though the person had killed his friend. 

A series of 911 recordings revealing the terror and anxiety during the shooting that led to five people’s death and three people hospitalized were made public on Wednesday. Among them was the call made by the gunman’s mother, Connor Sturgeon,25, a National Bank employee.

Andy Beshear On Missing His Friend And Mental Health

She relayed information from her son’s roommate and voiced her amazement and perplexity, saying that her son supposedly had left a message.

She added on the phone that her son could be (redacted) with a pistol and headed to the National in Louisville. Andy Beshear could not believe that it was the gunman’s mother and said that he had been receiving second-hand information till then and found out about the reality recently. Beshear talked about his buddy Tommy Elliott, an executive at the bank who was made one of the sufferers of Monday’s attack, in his interview. He stated that he wished for his buddy to be acknowledged as a devoted spouse and parent. 

Elliott, vice president of the bank, was well-known in Kentucky political sphere and served as head of Beshear’s inaugural committee in 2019. Andy Beshear stated, that he was hoping they could ultimately prepare jointly and that his friend was attempting to make plans for him after he have completed his tenure as a governor. He also opened up about his mental health and missing his friend every moment and said as an open message for all that help would always be provided.