Andy Beshear, The Kentucky Governor, Introduces New Voting Law

Kentucky GOP
Andy Beshear

Andy Beshear, the governor of the state of Kentucky, introduced a new law with regard to voting access. The voting access in the state got expanded in the state. That took place by codifying the recount procedure of the election, the absentee ballot portals online and the procedures for early voting. This is an exception to the nationwide efforts of the GOP in order to overhaul the election rules of the state in the wake of the election of the year 2020.

Andy Beshear On Upholding Democracy

The Democratic governor Andy Beshear gave a statement following the recent move. It was stated that the move supported the idea of democracy in an influential way. The governor also directed towards the Georgia voting law in an indirect manner. He stated that the politicians of the state of Kentucky proudly upheld the idea of democracy by expanding the voting opportunity for the people to vote, at a time when a bunch of restrictive voting laws was being introduced in other parts of the country. The politicians included the legislators and the leaders of Kentucky.

The voting expansion bill, HB 574, secured a total of 91-3 votes in the House of the state and 33-3 in the Senate of the state. It got to the desk of Governor Andy Beshear last week. Both the chambers of the legislature of the state of Kentucky are under the control of the Republican party.

Andy Beshear gave an explanation with regard to the details of the newly signed bill. According to that, an official approval will be provided for the centers of voting and an online portal will also be created for the registration of the absentee ballot. Beshear also added some other details to it.