Stimulus Check Update: A State Approved A Payment Of $5,500

The state government in Alaska came out on top with more stimulus check money for the citizens in the state. As it stands currently, the chances for a fourth stimulus payment from the current federal administration are gone.

The economic team of President Joe Biden didn’t see it feasible to be continuously granting checks due to the rising rate of inflation. However, the state of Alaska did want to ease the inflationary pressure that has been burdened its residents. Most of the citizens in the state will be receiving a payment of $5,500. The State Senate went on to approve this legislation with a 15-5 vote. 

Alaska Could Offer A Stimulus Check Payment To Citizens

Under this stimulus check payment, the residents of the state will be receiving a payment of $1,300 to ease their energy bill costs. However, the Senate in the state also voted 10-9 in favor of an extra dividend which would be worth $4,200. The cumulative dividend payment from the state has been increased to $2.8 billion.

Yet, there are a few legislators who believe that the state House could potentially reject this bill. Louise Stutes, the House Speaker for the state, mentioned that they had all the conservative people that had been nickel and diming every bill under the proposition that they had to save more money. 

One thing is clear- if the House doesn’t approve of a stimulus check payment, it doesn’t really mean that the citizens will not get the extra money. The bill could still pass- but there was a chance that the citizens would be seeing a lower amount of money. 

According to reports, the House of Representatives for the state had convened the previous month and passed a budget that had the same stimulus checksum of $1,300, but the dividend payment had been reduced to $1,250. 

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