Animal Crossing: New Horizons launch sales surpass any Mario or Zelda in U.S.

The NPD Group reports that Animal Crossing was the most played game in the States in March. While one can understand how it came to be so, with the pandemic restricting movement, this game’s journey might just surprise you. 

This game was launched on the 20th of March for Switch and soon became the best entry for the franchise (New Horizons). In fact, it soon became one of the most played games on Nintendo. Already it has become the most played game in the US for March, and just behind Modern Warfare for the whole year. 

This is an incredible achievement for the series, which propels it to Nintendo’s A-tier of franchises along with the likes of Smash Bros., Mario, and Zelda. The first Animal Crossing came out in Japan in 2001, with the U.S. having to wait for the GameCube port in 2002. Since then, the franchise has grown in popularity as Nintendo has brought entries to the consoles.

One of the many reasons why this game has accrued such a big following is because of Switch, and Social Distancing. Nintendo has widely marketed its Switch and most individuals across the USA favor that over Playstation or the other Nintendo consoles. 



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