Eric Weinberg Charged With Eighteen Sexual Assaults

Eric Weinberg

The popular US tv comedy Scrubs‘ executive producer and screenwriter, Eric Weinberg, has been accused of 18 charges of sexual assault.

The district attorney of LA County said that Mr Weinberg has relied too much on the credentials of the industry and tried to attract young women saying that was for some photo shoots and then he tried to assault them sexually.

According to the news we have so far, these incidents occurred between the five years from 2014 to 2019 and it involved five woman. However the lawyer of the accused Eric Weinberg has tagged these accusation falsified and a part of smear campaign.

Scrubs, the series wrote and produced by Eric Weinberg has ran almost a decade starting from 2001 and before airing its final season in 2010. The show was a huge success in TV as it has won a coupe primetime awards from Emmy. It has starred some famous stars like Donald Faison, Zach Braff, and Sarah Chalke.

Eric Weinberg Accused Of Eighteen Sexual Assaults:

The US television programmes Californication & Anger Control are among Mr. Eric Weinberg’s other productions.

The producer first detained in July; he was then detained again and freed from detention after posting a $5 million (£4.4 million) bail. He is accused with three counts of forced rape as well as six counts of forceful sexual penetration.

The LA Times reports that in a separate child custody dispute, his lawyer Robin Sax heretofore denied anything wrong done by the accused, calling the female’s allegations a “blatant hit piece” with “inexcusable and baseless accusations” intended to cast Mr. Eric Weinberg in the “most horrifying light.”

In addition, his divorce attorney Karen earlier told the Journalist that the charges were “strategically lodged indictments” that resulted from “a extensively contested and bitter custody struggle.”

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