Kris Mayes Sends Another Ball To The Democrats’ Court

Kris Mayes

In Maricopa County Democrat member Kris Mayes defeated republican Abe Hamadeh.On Thursday they announced the result. She won by 280 votes defeating Hamadeh. The margin as the two candidates shared the largest vote which was equal to or less than 0.5%. The recount resulted in a margin.

Kris Mayes Gained More Voted Than Expected

The previous result showed something else it was 511 votes in Kris Mayes’s account, however, after the recount, it was 196 votes. While Abe Hamadeh gained 427 votes. Both of their goals were to win, and place themselves where attorney general mark Brnovich finished third this year.

The table turned pretty fast for Kris Mayes, everywhere she was behind Abe Hamadeh, the republican member. Even in Pinal county, she gained 15 votes whereas Hamadeh at 392 votes. The Pinal County officials totally blamed human error for this type of massive mistake. The tabulation machine may be given the hard time. Where all had gone wrong and they thought all the machines have been counted, but that was not the case.

Some believed Kris Mayes’s run was the last hope for everyone after what happened with Donald Trump and the election fraud, which is now causing so much trauma to those people with the January 6th incident. Kris Mayes’s win left Republicans in a dire situation, they are behind all over the states. With Katie Hobbs winning and Kari Lake losing to the Republicans. Only one republican has won the reelection.

Abe Hamadeh has filed a lawsuit against the 2022 election, not only that he has challenged the errors that have been made, which caused him to lose. And he strongly believes there are many people behind the eros, and strongly condemns this, they should be arrested. Kris Mayes has left the GOP in 2019 and she has promised to depoliticize the attorney general office.