Rick And Morty Movie Is Not A Bad Idea Afterall All!

Rick and Morty
Rick and Morty

Season five of the American adult animated science fiction, “Rick and Morty” is almost here for the viewers. But this is not the most exciting part. The good news is that there is a possibility for a movie version of the show. And this news was revealed by the producers. The fifth season of the American sitcom is scheduled to hit the streaming platforms on the 20th of June in the United States. There has been no particular date scheduled for its UK premiere. It is said that the show will debut later in the same month. In the UK it will be aired on E4, the British free-air-to-air television channel.   

Rick And Morty Movie Ideas

There was a roundtable interview that was held which was attended by Scott Marder, the producer of Rick and Morty, Dan Harmon, the writer of the show, and the one whose voice is used as that of Summer’s, Spencer Grammer. At the interview, the three were asked to speak on the idea of a film based on the show. The producer was quite vocal about his thoughts with regard to the movie version.

He gave a green signal on the possibility. Scott Marder stated that it would not be surprising to him if there was a Rick and Morty movie. The producer has also worked on projects like “ It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia.” The 41-year-old Scott Marder further stated that a movie version would be an exciting project to take on. It would be “epic.” he also mentioned the fact that each episode of Rick and Morty was no different from a movie. 

Spencer Grammer, the American actress, provided her own ideas for the epic movie. She stated that a plain and simple movie would not be the best. It can be something that involves an exciting experience like the Rick and Morty theme park and in 3D.