Anthony Blinken Believes The USA Is Concerned About China’s Alignment With Putin’s Russia

Anthony Blinken

The Secretary of State for the United States, Anthony Blinken recently stated that he had been in deep discussions about Russian aggression in Ukraine with Wang Yi. After the concerns were shared with the Foreign Minister of China, he also expressed the American anxiety about Beijing aligning with Moscow. Both of the diplomats seemingly described their first in-person talks since October 2021 as candid- with this meeting taking place just a day after they went on to add a gathering of the foreign ministers of the G20 on the Indonesian island of Bali.

In a news conference that took place after the talks, Blinken mentioned that he had shared his concern with the state counselor that they were tensed about the PRC’s alignment with Russia. 

Anthony Blinken Has Worries About Chinese Support For Russia

Anthony Blinken also stated that he didn’t believe China was behaving in a truly neutral way- since it had supported Russia in the United Nations by amplifying the Russian propaganda. After the meeting took place, one of the witnesses to the dialogue stated that neither of the two ministers held back. The official further mentioned that both the countries have been quite open about their differences, but the meeting was also extremely constructive because it allowed both of the countries to see each other’s perspectives about things. 

Anthony Blinken also mentioned that Xi Jinping, the Chinese leader, had made it abundantly clear in a call that he had with President Vladimir Putin on the 13th of June that he definitely stood by the decision that came up regarding a partnership between Russia and China. Before the invasion of Ukraine by Russia on the 24th of February, Ukraine, Beijing, and Moscow had announced a no-limits partnership. 

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