OSHA Mandate Faces Opposition From New Front: Christian Ministries Go To Supreme Court Against Biden’s Vaccine Drive


3 Christian Ministries have appealed to the Supreme Court to stop President Biden’s vaccine mandate for the private sector. They have filed an appeal to the highest court to halt the OSHA mandate. Under the mandate companies with at least 100 employees are required to ensure that all employees are either vaccinated or are being tested weekly.

The contentious OSHA mandate was blocked by the 5the Circuit Court in November. However, the 6th Circuit Court vacated the stay this Friday.

The Organization Contend That The OSHA                                    .KM5,4 Mandate Is Against Ethical And Moral Rights Of Employees

The CEO and president of First Liberty Institue Kelly Shackelford said that the decision to lift the stay endangered the liberty of Americans and was outrageous. He alleged that the OSHA mandate covered religious organizations with at least 100 employees.

He contended that the administration could not compel a person to go against the ethical and moral rights of the employees. Hw said that allowing the OSHA mandate to stay could lead to a statutory crisis.

 3 religious employers are represented by First Liberty: answers in Genesis, Daystar Television Network, and the American Family Association. The petition was filed for the 3 organizations by First Liberty.

The filed petition states that the 3 organizations believe that the Holy Writ is the infallible, authoritative, and inspired Word of God. It states that the Holy Book teaches that the conscience must not be violated as it is sacred.

The OSHA mandate by forcing the societies and organizations to coerce their workforce to go for a vaccination violates their sacred conscience and belief.

A Labor Department, which would administer the mandate through OSHA, said that they were satisfied with the decision to revoke the stay. A spokesperson said that the department could again implement essential workplace health standards and protect the health of employees by minimizing the extent of the virus at the place of work.

The department further said that no citation will be issued before January 10 to provide adequate time to employers to comply with the requirement of the OSHA mandate.

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