LeBron James Happy As Isaiah Thomas Returns To NBA: A Positive Note For The Injury Plagued Lakers

Isaiah Thomas
Isaiah Thomas

Isaiah Thomas remained the only positive note as far as injury issues go for the LA Lakers. He was back against the Timberwolves this Friday. Severely affected by the virus, the Lakers are without 6 of their regular players and went down 110-92.

Anthony Davis was another star player out after he injured his left knee. It could rule him out for 4 weeks at least. An MRI revealed a ligament sprain.

Isaiah Thomas was there for 22 minutes the night he signed up with the Lakers. He finished at 19 points and shot 2 out of 6 beyond the 3-point arc.

With his 3 free throws in the latter part of the 4th quarter, Isaiah Thomas managed to surpass even LeBron as the best scorer for the Lakers. James said he was glad to see Thomas back around 8 months after he last appeared for the NBA.

James revealed that he had always respected Isaiah Thomas and was happy that he was back in the NBA league. He said there was a difference between now and when they were together in Cleveland, as he seemed healthier. He said that Isaiah Thomas was troubled by injuries to his hip.

James said that he was good at shooting the ball, and takes the free throws extremely well.

Isaiah Thomas Reveals That Injury Induced Lay-Off Was A Low Moment

Isaiah Thomas revealed that staying away from the NBA was a low moment in his life. He expressed gratitude for the opportunity to return and be part of the Lakers again.

Thomas said that it was amazing to be teammates with Hall of Famers both on the court and in the support staff. He said he was thankful for the opportunity.

Isaiah Thomas led the Celtics to the Conference Finals and then was traded to Cleveland in exchange for Kyrie Irving. In the playoffs, he went down with a serious hip injury. He continued to play that season with his injury. but the injury severely limited his game after that season. It had been a long break of 4 years for him.

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