Antonio Brown Called Out Tom Brady And Also Threatened The Trainer

Antonio Brown
Antonio Brown

Ten years later, there is still no reliable midfield engine to offer the protection and safety net that is so desperately required.

Not this time, not at all. The former wide receiver for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers lambasted Tom Brady on Twitter.

He took Twitter to say that To Brady could manipulate the game, and then he gets 14 days to go to his home and to get his mind right and that people should start to see the difference.

Alex Guerrero, the trainer of Tom Brady, was criticized by AB in a different tweet that has since been removed for breaking Twitter’s rules.

He then took the heat onto the personal trainer. He criticized Alex saying that he thinks Antonio Brown will not hit him. He asked Alex to stop playing with him. Antonio Brown was pissed off and said that Alex is already earning huge, and still, he wants to take money from the players as well.

Antonio Brown In Beef With Tom Brady, Threatens Personal Trainer Alex Guerrero As Well: 

For several different reasons, Brown’s remark is intriguing. To begin with, Brady was essentially the only player in football who continued to have his back. He made every effort to ensure that Antonio Brown could continue to play in the NFL, but AB kept making mistakes and was once more kicked out of the league.

It’s challenging to reconstruct what exactly transpired between the two about the Alex Guerrero tweet. According to statements made by Brown, Guerrero was informed of his ankle pain, and the trainer did nothing to assist him.

This is ultimately another one of those iconic Antonio Brown moments. No doubt, it won’t be the last either.