Donald Trump Misguiding The American Politics

Donald Trump
Donald Trump

Donald Trump has been accused of misleading the political scenario of America. He has been constantly pressing about the fact that he was robbed in the presidential election. 

Ever since Trump lost, he kept on carrying out campaigns to make the people believe that the election was not fair. He provided warped evidence that seemed like the election was won by Joe Biden illegally. 

However, none of the claims of Trump were true. The Presidential elections were not tampered with. Biden beat Trump fair and square. However, the campaigns have negatively impacted America. The followers of Trump gave millions of Americans the idea that Biden was a fraud. All these might impact the upcoming elections in 2022 & 2024 significantly. 

Donald Trump Seeks ‘Big Lie’, Eyes Political Dominance

The campaigns carried out by the former president have been termed as the ‘Big Lie’. They have constantly tried to convince citizens that Joe Biden is not the fitting president. These claims have a large political impact. Many people have started to believe these campaigns. This has led citizens to question the credibility of Joe Biden.

The Republican candidates, in particular, have called for elections in 2022. Trump’s policy of gaining sympathy is also benefiting him significantly. He is now building up momentum to file a bid for the 2024 Presidential elections. 

Donald Trump has used every manipulative measure he could. If a large number of citizens believe them, America will have a huge problem. Without the support of the common mass, no government can function for a long time. A shocking result was found out in one of the CNN surveys. Almost 36% of Americans doubted the legitimacy of Joe Biden. They believed Biden did not acquire enough votes to win the majority.

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