James Harden Detained In France, Not Arrested, As Per Report

james harden
james harden

On 8th July, Thursday, James Harden, the Brooklyn Nets star, was detained in Paris by the police in France. However, the basketball start had ultimately not been taken into police custody.

James Harden Did Not Have To Be Arrested

James Harden was put under detention when the officers of the French police directed a car to pull over since they smelled cannabis from it. Le Parisien, the newspaper from France, reported the details. Lil Baby, the rapper, was reported to also be present inside the car, along with others. Dominique Jones is the rapper’s real name.

James Harden is presently in Paris, the French capital to attend Fashion Week. He was reportedly close to the scene and was conversing with his friends. Noticing the incident, he had walked over and tried to intervene. Harden was then briefly detained by the officers before being allowed to leave the place free.

However, Lil Baby was reportedly arrested by the police because they suspected he was involved in the transport of illegal drugs. On social media, a video capturing the incident was posted. Harden can be heard saying that he does not understand, possibly referring to the language barrier.

Originally, Harden was scheduled to be in Las Vegas for the week. He has been selected for Team USA in the approaching Olympics, so he should have been training. But he withdrew from the squad after sustaining a hamstring strain of Grade 2 during the postseason. This was in one of the matches of the second-round series as the Milwaukee Bucks beat his Brooklyn Nets.

Harden had played in spite of the injury for the final three games. However, his numbers struggled as his usual burst was absent. The Brooklyn Nets had lost out in the end with a hobbling Harden and an injured Kyrie Irving.

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