AOC Demands Investigation On Cuomo’s Nursing House Controversy


For the investigation against Andrew Cuomo’s handling of the New York Nursing Home, AOC (Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez) has joined in the growing calls. This refers to the incorrect numbers submitted by the Governor and his administration of the death rates due to COVID-19 back in 2020. Reports have surfaced that the number provided by Cuomo was down almost 50% to the actual numbers. But an aide to the administration revealed last week that the entire number was not submitted on purpose. 

The aide told legislators in New York that they feared the information of higher deaths would give a window to investigators against Cuomo by Trump. Andrew Cuomo has already even published an entire book about the handling of this crisis. In that, and continually after that, he has dismissed all the claims against him of wrongdoing. He admitted, though, on Friday that the information was not able to process fast enough. This produced a “void.” He said that such voids are often filled with “inaccurate information,” “politics,” and even “rumors.” He said that such things couldn’t be left unanswered. 

But the progressive AOC said that she was in to investigate the Governor. 

AOC’s Statement On The Call For Investigation

AOC has been a prominent rising progressive of our times. She gave a statement saying that New Yorkers died in “thousands” in these nursing homes due to the pandemic. She said that everyone affected deserved answers from their elected leaders. She also noted that the Secretary to the remarks of the governor demanded a full investigation. 

She said that she stood with the officials who were demanding a full investigation in the handling of these death numbers by the Cuomo administration. The statement was given on Friday. Andrew Cuomo and his brother Chris also have had a rough interview on CNN— a prominent presence in NYC.