Apple Developing High-End Headphones With Interchangeable Parts

Apple Headphones
Apple Headphones

Reports suggested, over-ear wireless headphones having interchangeable parts are being developed by Apple Inc. to ramp up the quality of audio products that they introduce to the market.

Apple is planning on launching two variants of it, a premium version of leather-like fabrics, and a fitness-oriented model with high-end specs.

The thin, metal arms connecting the oval ear cups to the headband gives a retro look. People, who have asked not to be named, suggested that the metal arms are originating from the top of ear cups.

While designing the headphone, Apple has used a fully customizable technique, which gives users the liberty to replace the ear cups or the headbands according to them.

The new Siri-enabled, wireless, noise-canceling headphones are expected to have limited integrated touch controls. The product, which can cost around $350, has to compete with other high-end products from the giants in the sound industry.

After two failed launches, Apple was aiming to unveil the product later this year, but the current coronavirus situation might change the launch specs.

Goertic Inc. is assembling the headphones for the company. Apple is currently facing issues with the final testing of the product due to the pandemic.

Over the years Apple has received tremendous success for its accessories. The latest headphones from Apple will join a big list of products that are yet to launch.



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