‘90 Day Fiance’ Starring Kris And Jeymi Tangled Up In A Deadly Romance

90 day fiance

Despite the burning sexual chemistry between Kris and Jeymi in 90 Day Fiance, her latest shopping trips have speculated new doubts for the pair. A short preview for the coming week’s episode on ‘90 Day The Other Way’ showcased Kris Foster being set on buying new weaponry in Columbia leaving Jeymi in a cloud of confusion.

Kris Foster’s Liking Towards Weapon Shopping Freaks Out Jeymi- Coming On Next Week’s Episode Of ‘90 Day Fiance’

In a short scene preview to the coming episode next week in ‘90 Day Fiance’ Jeymi takes a peek inside a firearm store along with Kris to give company to her fiance looking out to buy a new weapon for herself. Although Jeymi decided to stay back for their uncanny shopping trip, it soon became quite visible that she wasn’t too fond of Kris’s intentions in buying a new tactical knife. 

When the 90 Day Fiance alum asked out to see giant knives for herself, Jeymi took off her mask to show the biggest shocking expression plastered all over her face. On cameras, as Kris was asked about her sudden liking for weapon shopping she explains that she has always been carrying out some sort of a weapon on herself. This statement leads to a very concerning look from Jeymi who seems to be having second thoughts about her partner. 

The whole unhinged notion of weaponry shopping doesn’t sit quite well for Jeymi, who later tells the camera crew that this whole thing is crazy and expresses her horror at the thought of being together with a psychopath. In spite of the turnout of events with the little snag in their steamy relationship, their first meet resulted in major success as witnessed on Sunday’s telecast. It was love at first sight for the couple as Jeymi and Kris shared that their sexual chemistry was top-notch.