Apple Starts Making First Flagship iPhone In India

Reports suggest that Apple’s contract manufacturing partner Foxconn has started assembling the new generation of iPhone, i.e., iPhone 11 in a facility near Chennai, India.

According to this report, it is the first time that Apple is manufacturing one of its flagship phones in India. Prior to this, lower-priced iPhone models were being manufactured in the Asian country since 2017.

This information comes after it has been reported that Apple has been considering moving its production base of premium models to India for quite some time.

2019 reports suggest India was leading in the smartphone market, second only to China. Sources speculate that Apple is scaling up its production in India so as to reduce its dependence on China, which is leading the global market in smartphone manufacturing. 

The news also follows Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi’s public wish to produce more items in the country.

The price of iPhones makes it out of reach for a large base of consumers in India so locally-made devices might cut down the import duty by 20%. 

However, it is still unclear whether Apple’s production increase in India is to avoid import duty in the country or for the worldwide market. 



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