Suns Surge Ahead Of Nuggets In Game 1


The shoulder injury that the Suns’ Chris Paul was suffering from is evidently behind him. The Phoenix Suns were led by Paul to a dominating 122-105 victory against the Denver Nuggets.

An Early Lead For The Suns

On Monday, a huge performance in the fourth quarter gave the Suns the win in the semifinal series in the Western Conference. The Suns and the Nuggets fought it out with the lead going either way for the starting half. By halftime, Denver was in front by a single point.

But, coming back from the break, the Suns were finally able to shut down the Nugget’s offense. After that, they made the most of the opportunity. The third quarter ended with Phoenix leading by nine points after a run of 25-7.

In the final quarter, the Nuggets were kept scoreless by Denver for the beginning two minutes, continuing their third-quarter run. Then Chris Paul scored some big buckets which gave them a lead of 15 points. Chris also scored the following 6 points. This included a step-back clutch 3-pointer. After that, Torrey Craig caught Cameron Payne’s perfect pass and completed an enormous alley-oop. By then, Phoenix had made 17 on-field shots from the last 22.

This was far too much for Denver. Phoenix managed to keep the lead and win by 17 points. The Nuggets were led by Nikola Jokic who scored 22 and 9 rebounds. Aaron Gordon also scored 18 points. Michael Porter Jr. was the third one and scored 15 and 7 rebounds.

The Suns’ shooting was led By Miles Bridges with a score of 23 points. He shot 8 of his 12 points on-field. Devin Booker and Chris Pail each scored 21 points. Paul assisted 11 times and 6 rebounds. He scored 14 points of his total 21 in the fourth period.