Apple’s $400 iPhone SE And $1,000 iPhone 11 Pro Are 2 Extremes In Apple’s Lineup

Most people are getting a little bit excited about the new Apple budget phone, Apple iPhone SE 2020. It is loaded with the new processor of Apple used in the Apple 11 series, and so, the new phone is looking as precious as any of the flagship phones of Apple. However, how does the iPhone SE and iPhone 11 Pro compare with each other in terms of specific parameters?


Apple is known for its amazing cameras and so, you do get a glimpse of this amazing tech in Apple iPhone SE 2020 as well. The Apple iPhone SE 2020 comes with a single 12MP camera. However, the iPhone 11 Pro comes with the two more cameras, both of 12 megapixels: a wide-angle camera and a zoomed lens. Even on the front, Apple iPhone SE 2020 comes with a 7MP camera which is good but pales in comparison to the 12MP selfie camera offered by the Apple iPhone 11 Pro. 


Apple iPhone SE 2020 comes with the classic of iPhones. It follows the design features of the iPhone 6 and hence, has large top and bottom bezels. It has not gone for the slimmer bezels of the iPhone X series. The iPhone 11 Pro is sleeker and has slimmer bezels following the X series design. When it comes to basic requirements like water resistance, Apple iPhone SE 2020 has a water resistance of IP67 that is, it can withstand staying in 1.5 m water for 30 minutes. On the other hand, the iPhone 11 Pro can stay in water under 2m for 30 minutes. 

iphone se vs iphone 11 pro series specs


Apple does not always provide a huge display though the quality of the display remains top-notch. It is quite noticeable that the Apple iPhone SE 2020 comes with a small display, which is marked at 4.7-inch. This might seem a lot smaller considering most modern phones go above 5.5 and even 6-inches. It comes with a 1334×750 resolution which is much lower against the 2436 x 1125 pixels offered by iPhone 11 Pro.


When it comes to performance, Apple has truly given Apple iPhone SE 2020 its true power. It is only in this area that Apple iPhone SE 2020 has an edge even over the previously released iPhone X series. The phone comes with the modern A13 Bionic processor which is the same chipset that has been used by the modern Apple iPhone 11 Pro as well as Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max. It is in this aspect that Apple has truly hit its homerun. 

As per the price, Apple iPhone SE 2020 might seem like it is offering a lot less, it cannot be denied that the performance is a massive turn-on for both Apple fans and Android fans looking to move into the Apple world.

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