Derek Carr Signed A 3-Year-Contract With The Las Vegas Raiders

Derek Carr
Derek Carr

Derek Carr, the quarterback of the Las Vegas Raiders, recently gave his approval to an extension of a multi-year contract this Wednesday. Though no information was given by the Las Vegas Raiders, a source confirmed that Derek Carr went in for three more years with an extension of  $121.5 million. The contract also consists of a no-trade rule and will be valid till the season 2025. 

Derek Carr Will Play For The Las Vegas Raiders For $121.5 Million

Derek Carr also confirmed the news this Wednesday by stating that he would stay with the Raiders for another four years. He also added that if Dave Ziegler, the general manager, and Josh McDaniels, the coach of the team, wanted a new face or talent, for the position of quarterback, he would have understood. 

As per Carr, after watching his tape, the team leaders believed in him and wanted to keep him for some years. It meant the world to Carr that they made him the priority and clearly stated how they felt about him and his gameplay. Derek Carr is a 31-year-old player whose base salary for this year is $19.87 million. 

Earlier in 2017, he signed a contract for five years and took $125 million which made this agreement the richest contract in the history of the NFL. The new average for Carr for every year is $40.4 million and this is exclusively for the extension period which ranked fifth among all the quarterbacks in the history of the NFL. 

In the words of McDaniels, Derek Carr is a fantastic leader who has been playing for the franchise for quite some time and the team is extremely excited to take this relationship forward. Derek has always put his team first and that is appreciated about him. He actually cares about this team, and his fellow players and gives his best to win every game.