Ariana Madix Deserves A Proper Apology

Ariana Madix

Tom Sandoval cheated on long-time partner Ariana Madix.With her friend Raquel Leviss.None of them has proved to be a better person in Madix’s life. After nine years of being with Sandoval, he proved he deserved nothing. Previously Madix helped Raquel with her divorce, now she proved to be not even an enemy. None of the paid proper respect to her neither an apology came her way.

Not Only Ariana Madix, But Also Leviss’s Ex-Husband Showed Disgust

Ariana Madix caught Tom Sandoval cheating on her after a concert. She was there to show support to her boyfriend. Sandoval was seen leaving the house the next day with packed bags. When the news took the internet by storm, Leviss’s ex-husband showed utter disgust for Raquel. Ariana Madix supposedly has James Kennedy’s support.

Raquel Leviss is aware she has hurt Ariana Madix, just unable to find the right to apologize. The whole thing between Raquel and Tom Sandoval has been going on for the last six months. Right under the nose of Madix. Even after everything Tom Sandoval has little to no remorse. He has been doing all nasty things with Raquel and after coming home was sleeping next to Ariana Madix. Made it look like nothing. Cheating was a piece of cake to him. Thus he made it look like it was Ariana Madox’s fault that he fell out of love with her. A close source gave out the inside stories that none of them have apologized to Madix.

Many believe and Madix has strong intuition over the matter, that none of them will ever be sorry. They are just mad that they got caught. Two unfaithful people are finally together. Ariana Madix has a huge group of supporters. They have turned against Raquel. Even they couldn’t believe when what she has done to Madix.