Star Of The Office Ellie Kemper Subjected To Social Media Flak For Racism

ellie kemper
ellie kemper

Ellie Kemper, popular for playing the role of Erin Hannon in the U.S. comedy television series The Office has been inculpated by being a part of a Racist Pageant. It was learned that Ellie has been named the Queen of the Veiled Prophet in the year 1999. The crown in itself remains under conjecture. But Twitter users who know about the institution associate it with Missouri’s affluent Catholic Elites in St. Louis. 

According to some of the social media commentators, the actress’s ancestry is one of Missouri’s most moneyed and powerful families valuing in millions. The Twitter users and commentators characterized Kemper as a racist based on the title that she received back in the day. 

Many of the social media users were seen commenting and opining on Ellie Kemper as a racist for the title. Many other users pointed out the irresponsibility of a few in rushing into labeling Ellie Kemper as a racist. The actress however has not given out a public statement yet regarding her participation in the pageant. 

The History Of Ellie Kemper’s Veiled Prophet

The Veiled Prophet was an institution in the late 1800s that conducted elaborate events and rituals with a very private and privileged guest list. It was initially founded by Charles Slayback. Black members were denied entry until the year 1979. Their sole purpose was to instill fear in the working class.

The striking contrast between the classic definition of wealth and beauty was further redefined with a more laminated form of classism that was very evident from the very beginning in the institution. It comes out quite clearly that the promotion of exclusion was at its best in this institution. 

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