Sex And The City Is Now 25 Years Since Release

Sex and the City

It has been 25 years since the first season of Sex and the City. A brilliant story of four women who met and became best friends in New York City. Their collective and individual stories narrate real-world situations and are often delivered in a hilarious comedy. Sex and the City first aired on June 6, 1998 on HBO’s cable network, it was met with an overwhelming response from the audience and the television series continued for 6 seasons and ended in 2004.

Sex and the City’s prime characters are of course the four friends Carrie Bradshaw played by Sarah Jessica Parker, Miranda Hobbs played by Cynthia Nixon, Charlotte York played by Kristin Davis and Samantha Jones played by Kim Cattrall. Whose lives revolve around finding love, their place in society, and good fashion as they navigate through the streets of New York. 

In an interview with People in 2016, Kristen Davis had stated that the entire ride of Sex and the City was a surprising one, as none of them could anticipate that the show would be a success. She also had said that they did not expect to win an Emmy award, nor did they expect to make the two films based on the series.

Sex And The City Spin-Off And Just Like That Update

As Sex and the City being an iconic series celebrates its 25th anniversary, its spin-off And Just Like That, which premiered its first season on December 9, 2021, on HBO Max. And Just Like That is all set to release the much-awaited second season on June 22 of this year. While the story continues with actresses Kristin Davis, Sarah Jessica Parker and Cynthia Nixon among others as its cast, actress Kim Cattrall has not reprised her role as Samantha much to the disheartenment of the fans of Sex and the City.