Ed Sheeran On Entering Fatherhood

Ed Sheeran
Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran, the British music sensation, talked about being a father and the changes it brought in in life. The singer and songwriter welcomed his daughter into the world in the month of September last year. The name of his daughter is Lyra Antarctica. He shares her with Cherry Seaborn, his wife. The singer stated that there has been a complete change in his life since he became a father.

Ed Sheeran’s New Perspective

The “Perfect” artist gave out a few details on his current life explaining how his daughter has become a change in his life. It was mentioned that as of now, the singer strictly has to wake up at 6 in the morning and sometimes even earlier. Before becoming a father, he used to go to sleep at the same time. 

Ed Sheeran further went on to speak on his life when Lyra had not yet arrived. He claimed that he was someone who always did things extravagantly. When he was at restaurants, he would order and everything that looked good to him. He also carried the same notion with drinks. However, he decided to bring an end to that system when his wife Cherry was just three months away from giving birth. 

Ed Sheeran, a father of one, stated that he decided to change things because he wanted to be available for his wife in case there was an emergency. He mentioned that he would not want to be an absent father who was not available for his family in times of need. The “Bad Habits” artist and hitmaker claimed that he was told by certain people about the feeling that fatherhood brings about in a person.

That would be the best experience of his life. And this is what Ed Sheeran himself approves of. He fully agrees that his life has changed for good. But he has also gained a new perspective since he entered into fatherhood. The 30-year-old Grammy winner stated that he was eternally grateful towards his parents. He stated that he will always have immense respect for them.

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