Ashley Judd Felt Like A Suspect In Her Mother’s Suicide Investigation

Ashley Judd

When the police showed up there and started looking into Naomi Judd’s suicide on April 30, Ashley Judd stated she felt “cornered” and “powerless.”

In a Wednesday op-ed for The New York Times, Ashley, 54, criticized law enforcement for the manner her mother’s death was handled immediately after it occurred.

The actress claimed that on that day, she discovered her mother and held Naomi’s “laboring body” until the police arrived.

Ashley Judd Has Been Questioned 4 Times 

Naomi acknowledged that she cooperated with law authorities at the time because “most of us are conditioned to do so.” “In the 4 interviews the officers insisted I complete on the day my mother passed away, I gushed answers to the countless probing questions posed to me. These were questions I would never have addressed on any other day and questions I had never considered posing myself, like: Is your body camera on? Am I once more being audio recorded? Where, how, and for what purpose will the information I am supplying be used and made public? “She composed.

While Ashley Judd wanted to be “comforting” Naomi because the country music star’s “life was vanishing,” the questions continued. The police interviews, according to her, “felt mandatory.” According to Ashley, the particular police who responded to the residence likely used “poor” and “outdated interview tactics.”

The political activist also discussed the family’s battle to prevent the public release of the investigation into Naomi’s death. This would comprise the police interviews with the family members.

Ashley Judd remarked, “This incredibly private material does not belong in the news, on the internet, or anyplace other than in our memories. The suicide of Naomi occurred on April 30.

Ashley and Wynonna Judd released a message on social media to share the news of their mother’s passing. Naomi and Wynonna reconnected for a performance at the CMA Awards just a few weeks before Wynonna passed away. The group also revealed that they would embark on a tour again after a ten-year hiatus.