Attorney General Garland Condemns Rise In Antisemitism At National Menorah

Attorney General Garland

On Sunday night during the National lighting in Menorah, Attorney General Garland addressed the issue of antisemitism.

Merrick Garland, the attorney general have said that together they should stand strong against the rise of anti-Semitism in the country. He said that together the citizens of the country should condemn this and should have a say against this prejudice. Attorney General Garland added that it is a danger to the democracy of the country on the first night of the Jewish Christmas, Hanukkah.

He also said that as the successors of the people who fled the torture and killing against the jews in the second world war, it is important that they stay under the light of Menorah at the night under the protection of the laws of the country.

Attorney General Garland’s remarks coincide with an increase in racist violence and crime. On Wednesday, a sixty-three-year-old man was attacked in NY in what the police are describing as an antisemitic attack. On Thursday, someone allegedly used the intercom of a North Carolina high school to make antisemitic statements over the loudspeakers. Also on Saturday, officers were dispatched in response to complaints of anti-Semitic vandalism at a junior high in Maryland.

Attorney General Garland Condemned The Rise Of Antisemitism:

Additionally, the timing of his speech coincides with right-wing politicians endorsing or neglecting to denounce antisemitism. Late in Nov, former president Trump had a meal with artist Ye, previously recognized as Kanye West, as well as denier of Holocaust Nick Fuentes. Since then, the rapper reportedly made a number of more virulent antisemitic statements, at one time even praising Hitler.

While some Repub legislators expressed their disapproval of Trump’s encounter with the 2 individuals, many—including House GOP leadership Kevin McCarthy—refused to go so far as to to blame the former president.