Simu Liu Joked About Meeting His Girlfriend’ Parents At Christmas Will be Stressful

Simu Liu

Simu Liu, the Marvel star talked to the PEOPLE about his girlfriend Allison Hsu. He said his girlfriend is a fighter, a passionate badass. In the 20th Annual ceremony of the Unforgettable Gala in LA, Liu gave this interview.

According to what we know now, the Marvel star of the Sang Chi movie his taking romance to a whole new level with his new girlfriend.

While talking with one of the reporters of the PEOPLE, Simu Liu revealed a few things about his current girlfriend. In the Beverly Hilton in LA, at the unforgettable Gala’s 20th annual ceremony, he said that he will be meeting the parents of his new love in the holidays of Christmas.

In an exclusive interview with the PEOPLE , Liu said that when you are meeting your girlfriend’ sparents, no matter what or who you are or from where you are coming, it is an incredibly stressed time for every boyfriend.

Simu Liu Talks About His Relationship:

Previously in the month, the actor of Sang Chi made his relationship status with Hsu official with posting a cute snap of the two on Instagram.

Liu also just uploaded a carousel of images of the pair taken when they were on vacation in another country on the little island of Anguilla.

Simu Liu on his tropical vacation has said that LA has been pretty cold in the winter months. Thus, he took the opportunity to spend some time with his new love interest in the beach area, and it has been an amazing vacation for them.

Simu Liu has also shared his plans and resolutions for the upcoming year with the media outlet where he said he wants to exercise more in the new year and to use the phone a little less.





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