Without Karl Anthony Towns, Very Slim Chances Of Winning

Karl Anthony Towns

Currently, Karl Anthony Towns is suffering from a calf strain, which is a blessing, for Minnesota Timberwolves. They pictured the worst-case scenario. The fans along with the team were bracing for something positive, and it came.

Karl Anthony Towns Will Be Back Soon

With a calf strain, Karl Anthony Towns needs four to six weeks in bed, after that he can play again. His injury shocked the fan and Minnesota Timberwolves, everyone pictured the worst-case scenario, but Karl Anthony Towns surprised them with his best comeback. Everyone is relieved.

Minnesota Timberwolves lost the Monday match to Washington Wizards 142-127. This is the third loss they faced. Pairing Rudy Gobert with Karl Anthony Towns was not a good idea, Rudy Gobert is more of a big man on the field. The team needs a more thorough plan to work around Gobert until Karl Anothy Towns returns to the field.

Minnesota Timberwolves has to figure out how to line up players, pair with whom, and generate their men. The Minnesota Timberwolves are gearing up for Wednesday’s match with Memphis Grizzlies. After that, they will welcome the OKC thunder and Indiana Pacers.

Afterward, Minnesota Timberwolves will start their game road trip from 9th to 16th December.

Currently, Karl Anthony Towns’s stats are at 20.8 points, 8.2 rebounds, and 5.3 assists, in every game of this season. He has been the star three times now and is the 2015-16 rookie of the year.

However, everyone is betting their money on Gubert, in the absence of Karl Anthony Towns. The coach has been thinking about putting Taurean Prince in the place of Karl Anthony, the power forward. Prince has been the best shooter this season. He made 39% on 5.5 attempts were made in 36 minutes.