Twilight Saga Recap For The Netflix Offering


Twilight, the film by Stephenie Meyer that was first released in the year 2005, had an immense impact throughout the world. The last part of the book series was “Breaking Dawn.” This was first made available in the stores in the year 2008. As a new book from the sequel has been launched called the “Midnight Sun,” fans are left wondering how to watch the entire sequel in a chronological manner.

One of the most awaited books of Meyer is based on everything through the eyes of Edward, one of the lead characters. And call it luck or not, the whole batch of the Twilight Saga will be made available over the social media platform, Netflix, from the 16th of July.

Twilight, The Background

The movie is based on the life of Bella Swan. She is a high schooler who has just moved to Forks, a small town that is situated in Washington. The role of Bella is played by Kristen Stewart. It is in that town that she first comes across Edward Cullen. Edward is a young handsome man who always seems to appear every time Bella needs him. Twilight has another handsome man, Jacob Black. Jacob’s role is carried out by Taylor Lautner. He is the one who is always warning about how dangerous Edward is of her as belongs to a family of vampires.

The entire series is about the relationship between Edward, Bella, Jacob, and other family members as they strive to create a home that is safe and loving for all. For those who want to watch it in an orderly manner, start with Twilight, followed by New Moon, and then Eclipse, followed by part 1 of the Breaking Dawn and then the Breaking Dawn part 2.