Auburn Football Loss Ends Bryan’s First-Ever Season


The game was an opportunity for Auburn’s football team to end their losing streak. They have lost 4 straight games. They could have redeemed themselves by performing well for their pseudo-home audience. 

Unfortunately, 2021 ended on a sad note for the Auburn Tigers. On Tuesday, the Tigers almost landed a touchdown against Houston’s No 21. They were not awarded the touchdown since the time ran out. The first season for coach Bryan Harsin ends with a disappointing 6-7. The Auburn Tigers were even in the Top 15. This is their first losing year since 2012. 

Auburn Tigers’ Coach Used New Strategy

Bryan Harsin called plays during the game. The Tigers were hesitating to run through the tackles. Their poor offensive line had a right tackle and a BC. RB Bigsby was tackled in the first quarter, at third and two. 

Harsin wanted Bigsby to have the ball as long as possible. He only had the ball eight times in the first 2 quarters of the game. Harsin made changes accordingly. Bigsby is Auburn Tigers’ top play-maker. 

In the third quarter, the Auburn Tigers were following 10-3. Bigsby received an opening to rush 51 yards. In the next play, he received the ball once more for 12 yards. Bigsby’s out zone carries forced the opponent’s defense to expand. Houston’s defense line was left with holes in the middle. 

Harsin kept in mind the strengths and the weaknesses of his team. Throughout the match, he kept it in mind during play-calling. The Auburn Tigers made two incomplete throws. Bigsby did not make a touchdown. 

John S Shenker received an honorary position of captain for the Birmingham Bowl. He broke the Tigers’ records for highest receptions and longest receiving yards.

It is not clear if John Samuel Shenker will apply for another year of eligibility. John’s 54-yard rush and 5 catches were the perfect way for the season to end. 

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