Michelle Yeoh Gets Her First-Ever Oscar Nomination

Michelle Yeoh
Michelle Yeoh

With her part in the recent A24 movie Everything Everywhere All At Once, Michelle Yeoh recently received her first-ever nomination for Oscar. Featuring the actress, with one of the most lengthy careers featuring some ground-breaking movies of the whole twenty-first century, the nomination was due a long time coming.

Michelle Yeoh’s Groundbreaking Performance Leading To First Oscar Win

The nomination for Michelle Yeoh is merely one of Everything Everywhere All At Once’s eleven overall nominations. Additionally, the movie received nominations for Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheiner t’s directing, best costume, best original song, best original script, and film editing. Jamie Lee Curtis, Stephanie Hsu, and Ke Huy Quan, Yeoh’s co-stars, were also recognized for supporting performances in the movie.

Everything Everywhere All At Once went ahead a long, surprising road to becoming a favorite during awards season. It was first released in March 2022. The movie is can be deemed as an absurd science fiction with comedy-drama at its roots that follows Evelyn, an owner of a shabby laundromat who is facing a huge tax audit, as she deals with the situation. Evelyn must deal with this tax issue to keep her livelihood as well as her husband’s forthcoming divorce request along with her frequently contentious relationship distant daughter who still longs for her mother’s approval.

Evelyn will also need to accept the life she is now living after being thrown into a multiverse of her never before realized potential life pathways. The movie was one of its first genres with such intriguing releases in 2022, full of visual gags, crazy humor, and heartwarming/heartbreaking moments.

This is Michelle Yeoh’s first-ever Oscar nomination, making it quite significant because she is the First Asian woman to be nominated for best actress in the history of the ceremony. This speaks of Yeoh’s commendable abilities as well as the Academy’s historical blind spots. Merle Oberon who was the first nominee hid her previous ancestry from the eyes of the public during her nomination in 1935.