Australia Confirmed Killing up to 10,000 Camels As They Drink Too Much Water

Australian government will start killing 10,000 camels in order to reduce the consumption of water, they claim that camels drink too much water which caused the wildfires.

The Hill reported citing The Australian, the plan is killing up to 10,000 camels by helicopters in five days starting from today.

Marita Baker, executive board member said that the camels were causing problems in her community of Kanypi. “We have been stuck in stinking hot and uncomfortable conditions, feeling unwell, because the camels are coming in and knocking down fences, getting in around the houses and trying to get to water through air conditioners,” she said.

The plan of killing camels comes because of the devastating wildfires that hit the country since November, caused the death of tens of people and almost half billion animals.

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