NYC Workers Demand Eric Adams To Provide Option To Work Remotely

Eric Adams
Eric Adams

New York City’s ex-Mayor, De Blasio’s policy which was implemented last year in September mandated people to come to their office and work. This policy did not go down well with the city’s employees and caused a lot of disgruntlement. 

With the new Mayor, Eric Adams, who was sworn in on 1st January, the workers are a little more optimistic. They hope that the Mayor will listen to their requests and allow work to be done remotely.

Eric Adams Yet To Take Action 

In view of the skyrocketing COVID-19 cases and the new omicron mutation, the workers want to work from the safety of their homes. However, Eric Adams has not taken any action. Adams believes that working in offices is good for NYC’s declining economy. 

Last week, at a public appearance, Eric Adams put out a statement relaying his plan to keep the pandemic under control. 

The Mayor stated that Bill De Blasio’s policy is being analyzed. Due to the growing number of cases, Adams’ team has been consulting union leaders and city agencies. Eric said that he is open to letting people do those jobs which can be efficiently done at home. He further mentioned that the employees will be required to return to their offices as soon as the number of cases decreases. 

Adams continued by talking about the importance of office-goers and how the workers support other businesses in the vicinity. 

However, a city worker brought up a valid argument against this by stating that people who work at home end up supporting the local restaurants near their house. 

Workers in NYC are very unhappy and with the onslaught of the omicron variant, they are filled with constant worry and anxiety. An employee states that the implementation of the policy has been horrid. Workers are being coerced into coming even if they are showing symptoms of COVID-19 but don’t have a doctor’s note. This has caused the workers a lot of anxiety and worries about their health. 

Constant tests whenever the workers feel sick or come in contact with a sick person have to lead to a financial strain as well. One employee said that the frequent COVID-91 tests have started to add up and he is quite worried about the money. Workers hope that Eric Adams is a little considerate and works for the people and not against them.