Arizona Wildcats Defeats Michigan Wolverines

Arizona Wildcats
Arizona Wildcats

Arizona Wildcats have been one of the most consistent teams in college basketball. Doing justice to their reputation, the Wildcats have started their season on a high. They have had a huge success in the opening rounds of the current year. The Wildcats continued their splendid display in their latest outing. They defeated the Michigan Wolverines 80-62 on Sunday. The result came as a shocker for the Michigan side. They did not expect such a gritty display from Arizona. The Wolverines have also had their share of success in this season. The team has performed exceedingly well. They are currently ranked at the fourth position in the league. 

The defeat did dent their confidence a little. The offensive display of the Wildcats caught the Wolverines off guard. They did not expect them to come hard at them right from the word go. The Arizona Wildcats kept attacking and soon they were rewarded. The Wolverines lost their rhythm and enabled Arizona to break free. Let us learn more about the match in detail below. 

Arizona Wildcats Stun Wolverines

Arizona Wildcats seem to be going through a great phase. They are coming out triumphant against all the challenges thrown at them. The dominating display over Michigan made them look formidable. Credit has to be given to the newly appointed coach of Arizona. Tommy Llyod took charge when everything was not so bright. However, he ensured the team had good chemistry. He worked hard and instilled a sense of self-belief in his troops.

The Arizona Wildcats played offensively from the beginning. Michigan tried hard to cope with their pace initially. However, as the game progressed, the Wolverines faded out. The Wildcats always had the upper hand and led the game 37-29 at halftime.

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