Barr Set To Make First-Ever Appearance Before House Judiciary Committee, Expected To Talk About ‘Russiagate’

US Attorney General William Barr is to appear before the House Judiciary Committee for the first time on Tuesday. And he has planned to be all-out regarding condemning Russia probe and violent crimes etc.

As reported, Attorney General William Barr plans to condemn all the “grave abuses” in the “Bogus Russiagate scandal” as he calls it. He will also be focusing on Black-on-Black violence and highlight several instances of the same.

AG Barr, who has prepared a transcript of his comments later reported to Fox News, also mentions that he is all set to defend law enforcement officers as well. His remarks suggest that he’ll statistically highlight progress on racial justice issues as well.

The proceedings which are scheduled to take place on Tuesday will see an unusually aggressive posture of AG William Barr. But he is not alone in the proceedings. Along with him, other GOP lawmakers on the panel including members like Rep. Jim Jordon (R-Ohio) are also expected to vigorously object to the proceedings.

AG Barr will also reportedly deny President Trump’s improper interference with any of his decisions.