Bay Area Representative Eric Swalwell Set To Lose House Intel

Eric Swalwell

Steve McCarthy has got one back against the House Democrats who had pushed out Paul Gosar and Marjorie T. Greene from several committees. Kevin McCarthy, the House Speaker, on Tuesday reiterated that he would block Representatives Eric Swalwell and Adam Schiff, both from California, from being part of the committee overseeing national intelligenceKevin McCarthy said that the decision to boot out Eric Swalwell and others was not political payback. He said instead that the two had not displayed the integrity sought from them.

In the previous Congress that handed over power to the present one in 2023, the Democratic had unceremoniously removed Georgia’s Rep. Marjorie T. Greene, and Arizona’s Paul Gosar from their assigned committees.  They had been accused of using incendiary comments and inciting the chances of violence being perpetrated against their colleagues.

McCarthy Said That Eric Swalwell’s Situation Was Different To What The Republicans Faced

Hakeem Jeffries, Democrat Representative, and minority leader have written to McCarthy for Eric Swalwell and Schiff to be reinstated to the Intelligence Select Committee. This prestigious panel has access to classified and sensitive material. There is little justification or precedent for the rejection of the two, Hakeem Jeffries said. Not like most other committees, the intelligence panel appointments are the speaker’s prerogative, and the House minority leader gives input.

McCarthy has said that he would reply on Tuesday. But he also said that acted unlike the Democrats did when they had control over the House of Representatives. McCarthy added that Eric Swalwell and other members may join other committees, though it is different in the case of the intel committee. He also said that this committee was linked to the national security of the US. McCarthy asserted that Eric Swalwell could not get security clearance for the American private sector and thus did not deserve to be provided with secrets that concern national security.

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