Bella Thorne Enjoys Date Night With Fiance In Italy

Bella Thorne

Bella Thorne, an actress, and singer, 25, looked stunning in a tiny black dress as she stepped out with Mark Emms for a date night in Taormina, Italy, on Friday. Following 9 months of dating, they announced their engagement in May and are now enjoying a wonderful holiday.

In similar black outfits, Thorne and her fiancé, a producer of movies and television, seemed in good spirits as they walked through the Italian streets. Thorne was seen later that night, still sporting her chic LBD, at the premiere of The Absence of Eden afterparty. Notably, Thorne debuted as a director on Thursday at the prestigious 69th Taormina Film Festival with the short film Paint Her Red. 

Bella Thorne And Fiance Spotted On A Date

Since Thorne directed, authored the original screenplay, and performed in the movie, it has a very special meaning for her. 

In an unapologetic story that examines women’s journeys and encompasses both grief and beauty, Paint Her Red, according to a press release received by Variety, provides an unapologetic narrative.

Bella Thorne expressed her joy for the project on Instagram before the debut, calling it a “labor of love.” The Game of Love actress said to the magazine that she is already picturing a rural wedding in Emms’ native United Kingdom. Additionally, she plans to wear couture for her wedding dress or outfits.

“Every bride needs four gowns, not just one,” Thorne expressed to the outlet her desire to dress in vintage Schiaparelli or Dior on an important day.

Thorne and Emms started dating last year. A source told PEOPLE that “they’re having fun.” They were reportedly “dating for about a month.”