Ben McLemore Has Completed His Move To Los Angeles Lakers

ben mclemore
Ben Mclemore

The Lakers have successfully signed Ben McLemore, the shooting guard, to fill up their roster’s final open spot. The announcement was made on 6th April, Tuesday.

Ben McLemore To Shore Up The Lakers

Houston Rockets released the eight seasons veteran on the weekend, and the player was available for free on the market.

Ben McLemore is another potential candidate to score from outside the three points circle for the Los Angeles’ wings. He was drafted as number 7 in 2013. Over his career, he has scored 36.3% of his points in three-pointers. He netted 40.2% of the times he attempted a shot from a distance during his combined time with Houston and the Sacramento Kings.

Frank Vogel, the coach for the Lakers, talked about how the team had to always keep an eye on in their series against Houston because of his shooting prowess. Records justify the caution as Ben McLemore had scored 18 points combined on shooting 6-for-12 from 3 before the Rockets were eliminated.

Vogel continued that all the firepower that can be mustered is necessary for this year’s championship charge. The coach added that Ben brings an immediate impact on the team’s ability to score 3 pointers during counter-attacks. Vogel stated that modern NBA games are decided on this drive-and-kick style of play. As such, the coach expressed his excitement and thrill at getting the player on the roster.

Vogel continued that McLemore will be joining the Lakers in the upcoming leg of the team’s road trip on the East Coast in Miami. Furthermore, if the player continues to test negative for covid-19, the player will be available for selection in the recent match against Miami Heat on Thursday.

Ben McLemore has scored points worth 8.9 on an average and rebounds worth 2.4 in each game over his career of eight years.