Democratic Senator Ben Ray Luján Is On Way To Full Recovery After Suffering A Stroke

Ben Ray Luján
Ben Ray Luján

Senator Ben Ray Luján is on the road to recovery after suffering a stroke. The Democratic Senator from New Mexico will hopefully be fully recovered according to Carlos Sanchez, his chief of staff.

The 49-year-old Senator checked into a Santa Fe hospital after he faced fatigue and dizziness. He was moved to the University of Mexico Hospital, Albuquerque, according to Carlos Sanchez.

Ben Ray Luján suffered a brain stroke that affected his balance, Sanchez tweeted in the Senator’s account.

Ben Ray Luján went through decompressive surgery that eased the swelling in the brain. He is at present resting comfortably and being taken care of at the University of Mexico Hospital.

Ben Ray Luján’s office could not speculate on the duration for a full recovery. Senate Democrats face a slim 50-50 split, and the prolonged absence of any member of the ruling party would delay, or even imperial, presidential appointments and legislation, especially those that do not have the backing of the Republicans.

Senator Ben Ray Luján’s Absence Could Be Critical For Senate Democrats

Pennsylvania Democrat Senator Casey said that he found it hard to evaluate the implication of being unwell. He said that it reminded all that how we all hope for the best of health.

Republican Senator Kevin Cramer of North Dakota said that the Senate needs to slow down and only do the work that can be done that would not be hindered by his absence.

Ben Ray Luján’s absence is proving critical for President Biden. President Biden had hoped to name a successor for outgoing Justice Breyer by February. Ben Ray Luján is part of the Senate Judicial Committee, which looks into Supreme Court recommendations before it goes to a full Senate vote. But his absence for a long spell could mean that the Republicans could derail his nomination if they unite against the Democratic nominee.