Ted Cruz Slammed For Terming President Biden’s Resolve To Nominate Black Woman To Supreme Court ‘Offensive’

Ted Cruz
Ted Cruz

Republican Senator Ted Cruz (Texas) has said that President Biden’s pledge to nominate a Black woman as a judge in the Supreme Court, and confirm her appointment, was an insult to Black women. He labeled the decision offensive. He becomes the latest among a number of Republican politicians to question a historic decision.

The Texas senator in his podcast said that the decision sent a wrong message to Americans and automatically rejected a majority on grounds of gender and race.

Ted Cruz said that the very fact that Biden was willing to promise to appoint a Black woman at the outset was offensive, as they constitute only 6% of the population. That indicates that he is telling the remaining 94% of the population that he doesn’t care for them and they are ineligible. Black women constitute 7% of the American population, according to a 2019 census.

Ted Cruz also alleged without any proof that Biden’s pick for the Supreme Court was an affront to Black people, especially women as he was potentially ignoring a more qualified candidate.

He said that if the President had chosen a Black woman from a group of qualified judges and not declared at the onset of his intentions, he could at least be pretending to be fair. Ted Cruz said it was like saying to other candidates that they were disqualified because of race and gender.

Critics Label Ted Cruz’s Statement As Unfettered Systematic Racism

 Ted Cruz’s comments come a day ahead of Black History Month. He was criticized by liberals and critics in what is being branded unfettered and systematic racism.

Rep. Marilyn Strickland said that the nation rested on the fortitude and strength of Black women. They have excelled in every field from giving care to company heads. Soon, a black woman would be in the Supreme Court. She said that the only insulting thing about the whole episode was Ted Cruz’s claims that he represented Black women.

Ted Cruz was called out for his hypocrisy when he did not object when Trump promised a woman nominee for the Supreme Court in 2020. Rep. Don Beyer tweeted that instead of celebrating an important milestone in the history of the United States, the Senate Republicans were disgracing themselves.

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