Nevada Law Changes Presidential Elections To Primary From Caucus!

Nevada Law
Nevada Law

Steve Sisolak, Governor of Nevada, signed a new sweeping Nevada law on Friday. This law will move the presidential election of the party to the 1st Tuesday of 2024 February. This Nevada law also changed the presidential elections to primary from caucus. 

The Nevada Law Has Also Pushed The Election Dates Back By Some Time!

A Democrat, Sisolak tweeted that he is deeply grateful and has a lot of gratitude towards supporters, community advocates, and legislators who turned out to be immensely instrumental in helping Nevada prioritize and push forward with giving access to ballot voting. Bill no 126 of the assembly puts the new primary of Nevada near the dates traditionally given for the primary of New Hampshire and Iowa. This has however caused a lot of complications in politics and past elections. The Democrats of Nevada were initially more aggressive. The first draft of the bill containing this Nevada law put the primary date of the presidential elections in January. 

However, an amendment forced this date and delayed it by 2 weeks. Jamie Harrison released his statement on Friday where he said that they will be continuing to let this process go on, as it happens every 4 years. They will also be looking forward to the recommendations and insight from all the interested parties acting in the reforms of 2020.

They will also be hearing recommendations and insight from the interested parties in the calendar of 2024. However, these recommendations and insights relating to the Nevada Law will be heard at the normal appropriate time! However, this Nevada Law will get changed and updated with time. The momentum of the calendar of 2024 will change because of the growing belief and chaos relating to the Iowa caucuses of 2020 among the Democrats.