Merrick Garland Promises To Fight Efforts To Restrict Voting Access By The GOP!

Merrick Garland
Merrick Garland

Merrick Garland, Attorney General has made an announcement in which he has said that the Department of Justice will be fighting efforts of the GOP to restrict voting access. There is, however, a new round of restrictions regarding voting rights in the states led by Republicans. This has stemmed from the lies of former US President Trump regarding election fraud as the main reason for the victory of Joe Biden in the 2020 election of the US. 

Merrick Garland Announces That The Justice Department Is In Favor Of Voting Rights!

In Friday’s speech. Merrick Garland has mentioned steps that will be taken by the Department of Justice in protecting the right of every citizen to vote. The Department of Justice has also doubled the total quantity of employees working in the Division of Civil Rights. The employee boost will happen in the enforcement staff, which will be the key in protecting the citizen’s right to vote. Merrick Garland also added that there are always debates open for anyone who wants to argue on this topic on American soil. However, he said that the citizen’s right to vote is certainly not open to debate as it is a basic right of every American. 

Merrick Garland also mentioned that this right is like the primary rule of every democracy, including American democracy from which the advent of other rights follows! The Department of Justice will be examining all these new restrictions across the US regarding these voting restrictions and will be taking action wherever they will be witnessing a violation of citizen’s rights. According to Merrick Garland, since 2013, the decision of the Supreme Court to make some parts of the 1965 Voting Rights Act invalid has led to this stage. 

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