Bernie Sanders Wants Reviews Of Military Aid Provided To Israel

Bernie Sanders
Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders, the Senator from the state of Vermont, went forth to speak out on the subject of the ongoing war that was taking place between the Hamas militants and Israel. This Sunday marked day 7 of the deadly war. The senator took to the social media platform, Twitter, to claim his views. 

Bernie Sanders Defies The Gaza Violence

In his post, Bernie Sanders first talked about the incidents in Gaza. He stated that whatever was taking place in Gaza was extremely unjust. The Senator also called out for a ceasefire, that was to take place immediately. After that, he made the mention of the military aid that was provided by the United States of America to Israel. Bernie Sanders also stated the amount which was almost 4 billion USD per annum. Stating this, the Senator claimed that the country must reconsider the amount as Israel was only using it in order to carry out the violation with regard to human rights. 

As far as the aid is concerned, it includes providing funds for the most talked-about defense system of Israel, the Iron Dome. It is responsible for intercepting rockets of short-range and artillery shells. Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders has never been a fan of Israel. On the campaign trail of the senator that took place last year, he had talked about decreasing the aid given to the country. For that would put pressure on them in order to bring about a change in their approach when it came to dealing with Gaza.

The senator had given a speech in 2019 in the month of October that concerned military aid. It was stated that it would be better to reduce the aid to 3.8 billion USD per annum. And they must be warned to make proper use of it by changing their relationship with the citizens of Gaza. He further added that it would be better if a part of it was used for the benefit of humanity.

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