Fred Upton Condemns The Efforts Of His Republican Colleagues In Saving Trump

Fred Upton
Fred Upton

Fred Upton, the Representative from the Republican party criticized the efforts made by a bunch of his colleagues from the GOP with regard to the insurrection of the Capitol building. The Representative claimed that their efforts were pretentious. He further added that there should be a bipartisan commission established in order to carry out an investigation on the incident. 

Fred Upton’s Side Of The Story

The Congressman from the state of Michigan gave a statement on the platform of a news channel. The name of the show he appeared in was “State of the Union.” it was hosted by Dana Bash. Fred Upton told his side of the story concerning the day the riot took place as he was asked to do so. The Republican said that he witnessed a group of people walking to and fro to the White House and back. He also mentioned hearing what appeared to be the sound of a flashbang. He further mentioned detecting the smell of gas. 

The comments made by Representative Fred Upton serve no purpose to the rift that currently lies in the Republican party. And it owes its origin to the incident that took place on the 6th of January which ended up killing a total of five people. On one side there are those Republicans who condemn the violence and blame Donald Trump, the former President for it. They also do the same when it comes to the lies spread by him concerning the 2020 Presidential elections.

Fred Upton belongs to this group of Republicans. He was among the other 10 people who cast their vote for the impeachment of the former President. And on the other hand, unlike those who are doing everything they can in order to save the foreign Republican President. They have gone to lengths like giving false accounts of what they saw on the day of the violence. 

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