Bernie Sanders Hits Out At Republican Hypocrisy Over Student Loan Forgiveness

Bernie Sanders
Bernie Sanders

Senior Senator Bernie Sanders has chided the Republicans for opposing student debt relief though they gleefully back corporate tax reliefs. The Vermont Senator rebuked the GOP members when he said that he did not hear the Republicans squawking even when the federal government gave massive tax relief to billionaires.

Bernie Sanders was peeved at the constant opposition by the Republicans to the President’s student debt forgiveness plan. He prodded them when he said that the Republicans find it shocking that the government would do something that benefits the low-income working class.

Bernie Sanders Stressed That Helping Students Would Make America More Competitive In A Global Economy

The progressive senator was speaking with ABC’s George Stephanopoulos on This Week. He further said that the Republicans desist from ‘squawking’ when the government gives massive tax relief to billionaires, people who ‘don’t pay a nickel in federal taxes.’ He says that the moment the government does something for the working people, the Republicans find it a terrible idea.

Senator Bernie Sanders stressed that the student loan forgiveness plan being pushed by President Biden will benefit working families. He said that he was speaking to nurses in Boston who were working outrageous hours just to pay for student debt that they have accumulated over the years.

Bernie Sanders stressed that in his view President Joe Biden did just the right thing and the government needs to do more for higher education in general. He said that hundreds of thousands of bright young people cannot go to college.

Senator Sanders said that to be competitive in a global economy, America needs to make public colleges and universities tuition free. President Biden plans student debt forgiveness of $10,000 for those with an AGI below $125,000 per year. around 43M Americans reeling under the burden of student debts are expected to benefit from this long-due generosity.

Republicans expectedly have dismissed the move as a discriminating bailout of college-educated citizens at the expense of Americans who have paid out their loans or opted not to attend college. They also, without any basis, alleged that this move will lead to a surge in inflation, an opinion dismissed by economists.

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