Biden 2024: White House Confirms

Biden 2024
Biden 2024

The White House has recently confirmed that Biden 2024 will definitely be a possibility as Biden intends to run for a second term. This statement came amidst mass speculation over his Presidential future as the President kept seeing a dip in his approval ratings.

The 79-year-old President recently saw a major drop in his polling numbers, which led several Democrats to speculate that he might not be looking towards another term. Jen Psaki, the Press Secretary for the White House, mentioned that this was exactly his intention- as Bide went on board Air Force One for a Thanksgiving event with the US Troops in North Carolina. 

Biden 2024: A Probability?

How far will Biden 2024 be successful- we will have to wait three years to know that. In the last couple of weeks, the Democrats were already rattled by major victories from the Republican end especially in the gubernatorial election that took place in Virginia this month- and a close shave in New Jersey, which although saw a Democratic victory, was too close for comfort.

The White House has released a statement that follows on the reports that Biden has been able to reassure all of his allies about his intentions to run for President again. 

A recent survey conducted by Washington Post reported that over 40% of the registered voters in the country approved of Biden 2024, which does relate to the downward trend in the ratings of the President amid inflation and issues of the supply chain, coupled with intra-party kerfuffles over the key aspects in the agenda of the president.  

If Biden 2024 doesn’t come to fruition, should Kamala Harris stand in as the Presidential candidate? A recent Suffolk University undertook a survey on the approval ratings of the vice president of the country and found them at a dismal 28%. 

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