Biden Administration Has Notified Applicants Of Approved Student Loan Relief

Joe Biden

The Biden Administration has already started notifying those individuals who have been approved for federal student loan relief on Saturday.

This news comes even though the future of that program remains in a state of limbo after the lower courts in the country decided to block the program. The Education Department on a federal scale started sending emails to the borrowers who had been approved to have their student loans relieved within the next year or so, where they also explained that the recent challenges on the legal front have kept the administration from completely discharging the debt.

Miguel Cardona, the Education Secretary wrote that the Department had been reviewing the application and it was determined that one would be eligible for loan relief under this Plan. The email provided to CNN also highlighted that the message had been sent to multiple loan servicers around the country- and the student wouldn’t have to take any further action. 

Biden Administration Believes Student Loan Relief Will Be In Place

Cardona went on to add that due to a number of lawsuits in place, there were considerable challenges that the Biden administration had to overcome before fully initiating the program. The challenges had blocked the ability of the administration from discharging the debt at present. And they firmly believed that the lawsuits didn’t have a ground to stand on- which would ensure that justice was served by the Department of Justice. The email also went on to explain that the administration will be discharging the debts if and when they ended up prevailing in court. 

The program initiated by the Biden administration will be offering debt relief of up to $20,000 to millions of borrowers who qualify for it. But unfortunately, it has been held up after several lower courts blocked its approval.